Tavola Rotonda IcaroTV

On Thursday, December 3rd, our CEO Alessia Valducci participated in the Round Table ‘Il coraggio al tempo delle sfide: fare comunità attraverso i valori aziendali’, organized by the ‘Fratelli è Possibile’ cooperative, which took place directly from IcaroTV studies, in full respect of Covid-19 laws.

In her speech, titled ‘How to live the group’s values in a big corporate reality’, our President and CEO talked about the project that made it possible to individuate the values that lead Valpharma Group and all the actions that had been done for the environmental care and sustainability.

This Round Table was an opportunity to share witnesses, a way to exchange and match the differences, by facing themes of economy and work worlds, passing through social corporate responsibility, cultural integration, and environmental sustainability.

In a moment of challenges, this occasion wanted to remember to all employees and employers that being listened to, feeling well, and respected in the workplace help everyone to emerge from difficulties, especially this year, making us stronger both as professionals and people.


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