Nutraceutical Services

private label and our own etiquette

In 2017 Valpharma Group acquired Erba Vita, creating a useful synergy between the companies and expanding the production lines including food supplements and plant base cosmetics. Erba Vita’s phytotherapeutic experience has been merged with the technology innovation and the expertise in the pharmaceutical design of both Valpharma San Marino and Valpharma International, producing a new line of modified release nutraceuticals.

All products are designed and developed to provides wellness to people of all ages in every moment of their life. 

Erba Vita is a leader in the market for customized products, responding quickly and organically to every customer need.

Phytotherapeutic experience and technological and scientific innovation are made available to herbalists shops, pharmacies, and para pharmacies to create qualified, safe, and effective personalized products.

Erba Vita produces its own brand products and at the center of this work there is the inseparable relationship between man and nature.

This is the reason why we pay particular care in respecting the environment by promoting the well-being culture through concrete actions in favor of sustainability.

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