Nature in Science

40 years of experience and tradition in phyterapeutic production

Since 1982 Erba Vita Group is specialized in food supplements, medical devices, and plantbased cosmetics manufacturing, sold in pharmacies, para-pharmacies, and herbalist shops all around Italy and distributed in more than 30 countries all over the world. A careful selection of products is also present in medical-scientific information. Erba Vita boasts more than 2000 own brand references, and it is one of the most soughtafter companies for the production of customized products.

In 2017 Erba Vita Group entered Valpharma Group allowing a useful synergy between the companies. Erba Vita’s phytotherapeutic experience has been merged with the technology innovation and the expertise in the pharmaceutical design of both Valpharma San Marino and Valpharma International, producing a new line of modified release nutraceuticals and personal safety devices.

Discover a world of natural well-being

From nature, our solutions for people in every moment of their life.

All products are designed and developed to provides wellness to people of all ages in every moment of their life. Erba Vita puts at the center of its work the inseparable relationship between man and nature and for this reason pays particular care in respecting the environment by promoting the well-being culture through concrete actions in favor of sustainability











Our products different types

The best plant extracts and nutritional factors are researched, selected, and processed.

The internal R&D team studies and develops product formulations, also with the collaboration of the most important Italian university experts. The maximum care is paid to raw materials, to prepare them to be standardized through a strictly checked scientific process in order not to alter their original characteristics.  


Private Label products

Customize your product in every aspect of it.

Erba Vita is a leader in the market for customized products, responding quickly and organically to every customer need. Phytotherapeutic experience and technological and scientific innovation are made available to herbalists shops, pharmacies, and para pharmacies to create qualified, safe, and effective personalized products. Some of the services performed: regulatory documentation, product formulation, and production, up to packaging and graphic customization.

Experience and collaboration combined with the accuracy of development are just some of the qualities that make our services among the most reliable, and requested in the phytotherapy, food supplement and cosmetics sector.