One Group, three realities

taking care of peolple’s health all over the world

Dynamic and synergic reality, made up of people and grown by cultivating the passion for the quality of the process and the development of optimal training for all individuals in every moment of their life. 

Valpharma San Marino S.p.A., Valpharma International S.p.A. and Erba Vita Group S.p.A., together guard the health and well-being of people in more than 70 countries around the world, with innovative formulations, as the result of highly accomplished research and development.

Our history

Valpharma Group was founded by Roberto Valducci, pharmaceutical entrepreneur, who transformed his dreams into great plans. Today his daughter Alessia leads a worldwide reality towards new goals.

The union of Valpharma SpA, Valpharma International SpA and Erba Vita Group SpA originates Valpharma Group, consolidating the knowledge gained by the three companies in 40 years of experience both in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical-phytotherapeutic areas.


Our values


We are people working for every person in the world. It is thank to those who develop, produce, verify and control every step of the process, if every year Valpharma Group can satisfy his clients and can contributes to the health and well-being of milions of people, in Italy and all over the world. 

The secret of our dynamism 

Giving Back

We take care of every person, everywhere

We believe in every positive action. This is the reason why we care about quality life of every person, inside and outside our companies. The care towards our employees, their families and the territory that hosts us is our way of repaying what we receive every day, proudly passing down our values.


Our production plants apply policies to support emissions reduction into the environment, to use alternative energy sources (solar panel system), to recycle water, and separate waste collection. Furthermore, since 2019 Valpharma Group joins the “Plastic Free” project of the Italian Ministry of Environment, which promotes a more careful reduction use of plastic materials.


Our Group loves every expression of Art, and for this reason, we promote events and activities that are aimed at spreading culture. Careful towards the territory and close to those in need, we support social activities and associations that take care of people and the land they live in.


We believe in new generations which are our future, for this reason, we support their education with transversal projects involving schools of all levels, up to university masters and scholarships.

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