Three realities to serve the health of thousands of people around the world.

Dynamic and synergic reality, made up of people and grown by cultivating the passion for the quality of the process and the development of optimal training for all individuals in every moment of their life.

Valpharma San Marino S.p.A., Valpharma International S.p.A. and Erba Vita Group S.p.A., together guard the health and well-being of people in more than 70 countries around the world, with innovative formulations, as the result of highly accomplished research and development.

We give value to experience, with our 40 activities in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields.


Expertise and excellence

The Group specializes in the production of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals,
food supplements and cosmetics, under its own brand and on behalf of third
parties. We develop product lines designed for the needs of people at every
stage of their life, both in the pharmaceutical and food supplement sectors.

- Solid oral dosage products
- IMP batches
- Psychotropic substances
- Tech transfer

Plant-based products are developed and manufactured to maintain the characteristics of raw materials and shaped in different forms.
- Food supplements
- Cosmetics

From 2020 the production has been expanded to the veterinary world to support the well-being of our pets.
- DUKart Line consists in two products that help the joint functioning of our pets
- Omega 3 Line product under development process.

The Group improved the production with devices for personal safety.
- CE Surgical facemasks
- Sanitizing Gel

From a dream
to a global reality

Today, after years of evolution and growth, we spread our knowledge and our work’s excellence all over the world with being present in more than 70 countries, in 5 continents.

We can reach our partners and clients everywhere, to answer to all their requests and needs, always working with certification regulators and the authorization of worldwide health authorities.


Worldwide Health Authorities

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