Consisting of two plants: Valpharma S.p.A. and Valpharma International S.p.A., in full compliance with European GMP legislation Eudralex, PIC/S GMP Guide, Quality Management systems - Requirements UNI EN ISO 9001

Valpharma S.p.A. plant is, since 1987, the right partner for outsourcing modified release solid oral dosage forms. Experienced technicians are committed to continual improvement to supply high quality products, from pilot batches to large scale manufacture. A new microbiological laboratory, designed to match best laboratory practice.

Valpharma International S.p.A. plant was inaugurated in October 2002 and is authorized to manufacture medicinal products in solid oral dosage forms, such as powders, granules, tablets, film-coated tablets, as well as pellets which can be filled into hard gelatine capsules.

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