Pharmaceutical Expertise and Excellence

For 40 years of serving millions of people’s health

Valpharma SpA and Valpharma International SpA are leaders in pharmaceutical development and contract manufacturing, specialized in solid oral dosage medicines and nutraceuticals, both developed with modified-release manufacture.

The strenght of both companies lies in their strong connection and synergy, characteristics that make them the ideal partener to develop highly technological pharmaceutical products.


Our products

Innovative formulations allow the two companies to produce
different types of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formats.

Both production plants are authorized to manufacture powders, granulates, film-coated and not film-coated tablets, microspheres (pellets) provided in bulk, or dosed in hard gelatin capsules.

Since 2020, the production has been expanded with the insertion of medical devices, hand sanitizers, and complementary feeds for the veterinary field.


Why choosing us?

Your challenge is our goal: we realize your project together

We put at our clients’ disposal advanced capabilities and technologies for contract manufacturing activities both in research and development and in industrial manufacture, for the preparation of pilot and industrial scale batches. 

We believe in the meaning of every gesture, which is why the Group is attentive to the territory that hosts it, trying to return with small daily gestures what is transmitted to us by what surrounds us.


Worldwide Health Authorization

Valpharma Group can reach its partners and clients everywhere, to meet all requests and needs, always working with certification
regulators and the authorization of worldwide health authorities.


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