2020 brought with it lots of changes, especially in the interaction between people, due to the sanitary emergency, which is not totally over yet.

During the lockdown, every inspection was suspended, and this brought Valpharma Group, in collaboration with other pharmaceutical companies, to rethink the way we do Audit Inspections.

Needs and opportunities took us to the path of remote inspections to evaluate the qualification of vendors, in a way that satisfies the regulatory authorities. The solution came up in March 2020, with a project developed by a Work Group within GIF, in collaboration with Gruppo di Studio AFI ‘Qualità e fornitori’ and composed of Valpharma International S.p.A. (Valpharma Group), AFI, Farmaceutici Formenti S.p.A. (Grünenthal Group), MENARINI Group Manufacturing Logistics and Services Srl, that consists in remote audits inspections, based on different parameters to calculate the range of risk of vendors.

Despite the bigger effort that remote inspections require, these audits give huge opportunities to every pharmaceutical company that integrates the project in its process of vendors’ qualifications.