The production department covers an area of about 3000 square meters where, skilled staff manufactures hundreds of different formulations.
Versatility, attention in the preparation of the products and care in the department have always been our strengths .
The production department and the warehouse have two independent air treatment units (ATU).
The air introduced in the department is filtered to obtain a particle contamination level that meets the class ISO 8.
The temperature of the air is between 18 and 25�C; relevant humidity is between 35 and 65%.
These parameters are monitored 24 hours a day by a control system (QBMS).
The department can count on different types of equipment.
Most of them are coating pans, utilized for nearly the whole production process of pellets and colouring of the tablets.
We also have 4 granulators and a fluid bed, used for the preparation of granulates to be compressed.
The compression of these granulates is made in 5 areas equipped with 5 tableting machines.
We have 2 encapsulators which can dose different types of pellets on 4 dosing stations. These encapsulators are equipped with Nett systems which guarantee weight check of each capsule.
Finally we have three areas accommodating a spray dryer, utilized for production of Nifedipine coprecipitate and pvp 50%.
All equipments are serviced by pneumatic conveyors which preserve products from environmental exposure. Furthermore, all equipments are subject to maintenance program and periodical calibration.�
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