Valpharma International S.p.A.’s pharmaceutical production is made with high quality standards.
About 14.000 square metres where, among others, organic solvents utilized in the manufacture are conveyed to a combustor for complete oxidation: the exceeding heat produced is recovered to generate steam for processing or for heat absorption for the air-cooling.
There are 22 air treatment units (ATU) and the air pressure is positive in the corridors and negative in the production areas: the differential pressure is automatically adjusted.
The warehouse has an independent system of filtration, air conditioning and air change, with temperature in the range 15- 25�C and R.H. in the range 35 – 65%.
The manufacture of tablets starts with the granulation, using either techniques of wet granulation (by high-speed mixers - granulators or fluid beds or extruders combined with spheronizers) or by dry granulation (hot melt extrusion).
The following step of tableting takes place in high speed tableting machines and may be followed by a film coating phase for taste masking or for protection in case of photosensitive API.
The manufacture of capsules starts with the layering of API on inert granules (or extrusion and spheronization, or other teqniques), then a coating phase with solutions of different polymers and subsequently the encapsulation phase with capsule filling machines which allow 100% control of the produced doses.
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