Dear Dr. Valducci,
Thank you for everything!
Valpharma’s Team


Dr. Alessia Valducci
Managing Director of Valpharma S.p.A.
President and CEO of Valpharma International S.p.A.
Dr. Alfredo Quadrifoglio
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Riccardo Lasi
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Dr. Rosy De Luigi
Contracts & Customer Service Manager

Dr. Eros Ferri
Qualified Person
Quality Assurance Director

Dr. Andrea Stefanelli
Production Director

Dr. Sandra Sentimenti
Quality Control Director

Dr. Sara Langella
Microbiology Laboratory Manager

Dr. Marco Massari
Plant Manager

Dr. Luigi Valentini
Information Technology Manager

Ms. Barbara Guidi
Accounting Department

Ms. Lara Berardi
Contract & Customer Service Assistant

Mrs. Simona Ceci

Mrs. Marinella Fabbri

Mrs. Catia Zanotti
Import & Export

Dr. Roberto Reali
General Manager

Dr. Serozh Avanessian
R&D Director

Dr. Franca Olivi
Qualified Person

Dr. Michele Bosi
Quality Operations Manager

Dr. Ivan Belloni
Quality Assurance Manager

Dr. Paola Tomei
Production Director

Dr. Mattia Gianni
Quality Control Director

Dr. Gianluca Zucchi
Quality Control Manager and Nutraceutical Technical Director

Ing. Gionata Nori
Engineering & Maintenance Manager

Dr. Cristiano Belli
Accounting Manager

Dr. Alberto Vitez
Human Resources Manager

Mrs. Barbara Rinaldi
Import & Export

Ms. Ilaria Grazioli
Import & Export

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