Forum del Dialogo

Valpharma Group, as a model of sustainability and care of the environment, participates at the 'Forum Del Dialogo San Marino 2020’.

On Saturday October 24th, our President and CEO, Alessia Valducci, will present a speech to describe Valpharma’s ‘green’ attention and the sustainable actions that we make as a Group.
The speech, titled ‘Valpharma Group: Human health, care for the environment’ discusses the Mission of the group, the extension of the values to everything around it and how the attention and care for the territory is made through the adhesion to the Italian Ministry of Environment project ‘PlasticFree’ and the use of FSCpaper for Erba Vita products’ boxes.
The relation treats also the theme of recycling and energy saving that our three production plant respect in every aspect of their work.

The symposium is based on scientific evidence and studies conducted by Italian and European universities and includes the greeting of the UN secretary, Pope Francis and the president of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Through these years, Valpharma Group made and still continue to make important, useful and forward-thinking choices that take us to be an example for national and foreign entrepreneurship.



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