A new brand in the Group

Erba Vita, company specialized in the production of phyto-therapeutic products, food supplements and plant-based cosmetics, has become part of the Valpharma Group.

Since 1982, Erba Vita has been studying, producing and distributing herbal products, food supplements and plant-based cosmetics. Our internal research team selects, day after day, the best ingredients on the market to pick up the most recent novelties and constantly improve the quality of our products. After careful selections, the plant extracts we use are standardized through a strictly controlled scientific process that preserves their properties and ensures a constant effectiveness. With respect of Nature that is our source of well-being and health, we choose tools, the more rigorous methods and less invasive technologies, to ensure functional solutions, tested by the most prestigious Italian Universities.

Erba Vita takes care of the health and well-being of people at any age, producing over 3000 products. The company, leader in the Italian market, is also present on the international market, distributing its products in many countries around the world. Erba Vita, is able to produce customized products: private-labeled items, developed based on customer's needs.

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