Contract Manufacture

Valpharma, with its two manufacturing plants, is duly authorized and routinely audited by the Italian Health Authorities for GMP compliance for the manufacture of:
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Narcotic and psycotropic agents
  • High potent drugs (sexual hormones), in a separate department
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Investigational medicinal products
Valpharma is specialized in the manufacture of modified release, solid oral dosage forms, by:
  • Fluid bed coating: top, bottom and tangential spraying
  • Pan coating
  • Spheronization
  • Dry and wet granulation, acqueous or solvent based processing
Valpharma can supply single, multilayer, core-coat and film-coated, OROS and printed tablets as well as hard gelatine or HPMC capsules by single or multi-component independent dosage, supporting its customers with R&D, scale-up, technical and regulatory full assistance.

Valpharma would be pleased to put the above facilities and potential as well as its 40 year experience at your disposal for the contract manufacture of your products.
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