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Your challenge is our goal: we realize your project together

Valpharma Group is a dynamic and versatile reality, made up of people and grown by cultivating the passion for the quality of the process and the development of optimal formulations for all individuals in every moment of their life.

This is possible thank to those who develop, produce, verify and control every step of the process, if every year Valpharma Group can satisfy his clients and can contributes to the health and well-being of millions of people, in Italy and all over the world.

Competence, experience and scientificity

Uniques, in a universe of solutions.

As Contract Manufacturing and Private Label experts, we work everyday to guarantee the high-quality of your products and ours.  

Thank to our R&D department competence and experience, that are specialized in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals, we study and develop our best formulations starting from the details.  

This careful and detailed work allows a dynamic and synergistically organized production, characterizing the commitment of all three companies. Thanks to the application of a common scientific method, system reproducibility is guaranteed in favour of the implementation of robust and safe processes.

Innovation and excellence

The innovation of technologies is the base of the excellence that we guarantee both to the production flow and the final product. Every year we invest in the technological field 10% of our revenue, to maintain high production standards and to grant the maximum quality of the machinery, the processes, and the products in every activity field. 

The implementation of the constantly updated technologies is applied to all production plants of the Group, and not only to the production or R&D department. Specifically, the factories have been equipped with specific systems to ensure an integrated cycle of information, to eliminate human error and contribute to saving paper.

We take care of your needs during the entire process

We believe that every project needs to be thought and developed for people, and for this reason, it has to be designed and followed by the people themselves.

The customer care services are applied to the activities for all the collaboration, from development to the formulation until the industrial manufacture, with dedicated and specific contacts to guarantee high and excellent results.

We believe in every gesture meaning, for this reason our Group takes care to the territory that hosts it, trying to give back with little everyday gestures what the environment transmit to us. We give value to experience with our 40 years activity, manufacturing best solutions for each customer needs.

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